Carrie (cwatergirl2003) wrote in babiesoflate80s,

I Love Nickelodeon!

Ahhhhhh! I`m too excited for words. This is awesome. I never thought it would happen.

Nickelodeon to Release Rewind Collection
The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Are You Afraid of the Dark? Salute Your Shorts. You Can't Do That on Television! All of these classic Nickelodeon series from the early days of the cable channel are much wanted on DVD by their fans. But high on the list is the show that made Melissa Joan Hart a star: Clarissa Explains It All. And now Clarissa's first season - all 13 episodes - has been announced for a May 17th release that launches a new line of Nick DVDs: The Rewind Collection.

So what dvd`s are looking forward to the most and which shows would you like to see realsed.
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