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I'm going to X-post this post to a few 80's comms...

I'm fed up with the crappy plastic checkbook covers they give away for free! I have a checking account and when I finished my box of checks last year, I ordered Care Bears sationary for my next set of checks. I had to replace my checkbook cover recently and I"m going to have to replace my current one pretty soon. I want a leather Care Bears checkbook cover to go with my sationary...

The place I bank at allows you to order stuff like that online from their website...addy labels, etc....And they offer leather checkbook covers to go with your corresponding sationary. All is dandy. Problem is, they're $24.95!!!!! I was hoping to get them cheaper than that... I looked on eBay but they just sell more crappy plastic and fabric checkbook covers. UGH, not what I had in mind.

Does anybody know of anyplace that sells cool leather checkbook covers? The one they have on my bank's website is so freaking cute....I want it.

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